A/C Evaporator Housing - Water Leaks To The Interior
NO: 24-06-96
GROUP: Heating & A/C

DATE: June 28, 1996

SUBJECT: A/C Evaporator Drain Blockage

1993 - 1996 (ZJ) Grand Cherokee/Grand Wagoneer
1993 - 1996 (ZG) Grand Cherokee (overseas markets)

Debris may collect in the evaporator drain tube area causing blockage of the tube. This can lead to water leaking from the heater housing, water sloshing around in the housing and odor from decayed organic debris. This bulletin provides instructions to gain easy access to the drain tube for clearing foreign matter from the tube, without removal of the heater A/C housing.

Operate the system in the A/C mode and verify that water is draining from the system. The water drains into the frame rail and exits in the center of the vehicle. If no water is draining, the system is blocked and requires cleaning.

1 5255217 Plug

This bulletin involves drilling a hole in the A/C evaporator housing to allow for cleaning of the drain tube.
1. Pull the carpet down in the passengers foot well and locate the evaporator drain in the housing (See Illustration).
2. Drill a 1/4 inch hole in the center of the drain tube housing as shown.
Clear the drain tube with a wire or suitable tool by inserting it through the hole and into the drain tube.
3. Insert plug, P/N 5255217 into the 1/4 inch hole drilled previously.
4. Verify that the drain is clear by operating the system in the A/C mode and observing that water is draining.

POLICY: Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.
Labor Operation No: 24-65-03-92 0.2 Hrs.
Drill Hole in Evaporator Housing, Clean Drain Tube, Install Plug in Housing