The Toys in my JEEP.

Precision Power
MB Quart Speakers

Doug at play.

Component Mfg. Model Location
Head Unit: Pioneer KEH 8200 Factory Dash
CD Unit: Pioneer CDX M30 Center Arm-rest
Signal Processor: Audio Control DSP3 Under Rear Seat
Crossover Audio Control 4XS Under Rear Seat
EQ: Audio Control EQL II Under Rear Seat
Amplifier 1: PPI A404 Under Rear Seat
Amplifier 2: PPI A204 Under Rear Seat
Tweeters MB Quart 19NX Factory Dash
Front MB Quart 160TCS Factory Front Doors
Rear MB Quart 160KNS Factory Rear Doors
Center Channel MB Quart 130KNS Center Console/Kicker
Sub Kicker S10A Rear Cargo Deck

Power Cable : Phoenix Gold (4Ga)
Hot: on battery
Gnd: right rear passenger seat frame-bolt

Fuse Location(s)
Primary : 50A, behind fuse box under hood
Secondary: Varies, fused at equipment
Turn-on : 5A, under A404

Primary audio (Head to DSP3) : Phoenix gold
Secondary audio (DSP3 to Amps): Phoenix gold
Speaker (Amps to doors) :
Speaker (Amps to Sub) :

Car Alarm: Clifford, Advant Guard II, with SmartWindows and Starter.

Total System Power into 4W : 300W
Highest SPL : 118 dB
Best Freq Response IASCA : 26