One more mod away from perfeKtion!

This time I to add a boost gauge to the ZJ.  Wanted to keep an eye on things and needed another project.

I chose the AutoMeter 5801 Boost Gauge only because I got a good deal on it.

First off, apologies for the crappy pictures.  I didn't take them while building the mounting pod simply because it was a pure unmitigated pain in the ass.  With much sawdust and tools flying.  I will take better pictures, but it's late, dark, and I'm ... ah feck it... I'M LAZY, OK!!.. sheesh..
I needed a place to stick the gauge that wouldn't be in the way and most importantly would not need drilling or screws sunk into the dash or "A" pillar.  So it was the little ledge to the left of the instrument cluster.  Here is what it looks like.  Well, it would look better IF the flash didn't wipe it out.  You can see the support wood.  It was a 2X2 till the dremmel and sandpaper took it down.  It also acts as a spreader to keep the PVC outer shell from collapsing if the gauge is removed.

This is the right hand side of the gauge.  The body is made out of PVC pipe that had to be cut lengthwise and held by spreaders to get the exact diameter to fit the gauge.  I cut it to fit the dash contour.  MAN O MAN was that a royal pain.  Let me put it this way.  It takes a lot of tape and cardboard to get things lined up just right and only one little cut to throw the whole exercise back to step one.   heh..
This is the left side where you can see the bracketry that allows the pod to be held in by the "A" pillar.  The pillar slides into the clips then holds the whole assembly into the corner.  With a bit of work and readjustment the unit fits with no slop, and best of all, no holes! ^_^

Well, this is what the unit looks like from the drivers seat.  (or actually from the back of the drivers headrest I needed a place to set the camera.
Same image at night.  The illumination is wired into the bulbs in the shifter.  A good thing for running power is oddly enough, speaker wire.

Well, that's it for this mod.  Hopefully I will have better pictures at a later date.  Please don't bother me with asking for measured drawings.  I don't have any.  All this stuff is freehand.