Squeaks on turns or over bumps?

Time to look at the anti sway bar mounts.

See the little crack?  See the rust that built
up on the clamp because I was too lazy to
properly paint the clamp last time. :/

Time to get that fixed.

Well folks, here we go again.  You out there with the ZJ have either ran into this before or will shortly.
The U-clamp that holds your anti sway bar will fatigue and break.  Leaving you with a front end neither
suited for off-roading, nor street.  The problem is with one side broken and the other fixed the suspension is farkled.
In the short run you are better off disconnecting the bar and driving carefully till it can be replaced or rewelded.

Ok, let's take a look at how bad that tiny little crack actually is.
Crack is bad, 'mkay?  A few more bumps and turns and this would 
have cracked right through.  Leaving the ZJ with only half an anti sway system. While having disconnects is one thing, having half an anti sway system means your vehicle will be unbalanced.  It will tend to dive in one direction only then correct abruptly.  Worst case the bar can come undone and interfere with steering.  Don't have time to fix it now?  Then simply remove the whole bar and drive carefully till you can.

The solution is simple.  Either replace the broken part or weld it up.  I chose to weld it back.  The weld on the other side was still good.  So on came the torch and after a few minutes and a short visit with the wire brush we have welds.  Mmmm.. weldy...

Your local auto repair place can probably do this but you need to clean the weld area and make sure the parts fit back.  The less time they have to spend fixing your part the less your likely to get charged.  Some shops will do items like this for free.  Me, I have a co-worker with an oxyacetylene rig.

Only thing left to do is paint.  Paint is an important process as it keeps the part from rusting.
A good rust inhibitor in flat black works for me.

Difficulty rating:
TGB - Two Good Beers 
One for you, one for the welder. 
If you weld then have two. :)

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